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What drives us: Telling stories. What makes us so successful? (That, too) is an exciting story that we are happy to share!

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The importance of a narrative lies in its impact on and relationship with the people who experience it. This can be a thrilling adventure, an intimate dialogue, a diverting conversation, a yearning experience, and much more.  

Creating this relationship between the works of our authors and as many people as possible is something we have dedicated ourselves to for over 70 years. In doing so, we ceaselessly seek new ways, ways and means of telling stories and sharing thoughts that are always popular, moving and, in that sense, successful. We embrace new, digital ways to transport our narratives, distribute them, and inform about them as well.  

We find new topics, establish genres, and reinvent seemingly established things. This is what drives us and makes us successful - an exciting story that we continue to write with passion and curiosity.

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