Publisher Brands

Since our beginnings in the 1950s, we have developed into a broad-based media group.  A look at the individual brands and holdings reveals the full spectrum of our publishing company.  

Publisher Brands


Our Bastei publishing house is the core cell of our media group. For 70 years, we have published the most successful novel booklet series and are the market leader in serialized entertainment with titles that enjoy cult status, such as G-man Jerry Cotton, Ghostbusters John Sinclair, Dr. Stefan Frank, Der Bergdoktor and the Wild West bestsellers by G. F. Unger.


Baumhaus publishes our children's books - to read aloud, read by yourself, and participate in. We publish popular stories for all children between 2-12 years. Our books are often sources of inspiration for adults and children to spend their free time together, complemented by the creative and high-quality content on our platform.


At our be-Labels, we publish great entertainment in the digital realm, as eBooks and audios. beHEARTBEAT makes hearts beat faster: with romantic romance novels, dramatic romance, suspenseful romantic thrillers, cheerful feel-good novels, captivating family sagas, and historical romance novels - to feel excited, relax, fall in love, and feel good.


At our be-Labels, we publish great entertainment in the digital realm, as eBooks and audios. At beTHRILLED it's murderous. But don't worry, in our detective stories and thrillers only top sleuths investigate - whether cosy crime, feel-good crime, regional crime, humorous crime, gritty coastal crime, vacation crime, serial killer thrillers and psychological thrillers.

Community Editions
Community Editions is the leading publisher for social media artists with a wide reach. With our books and stationery products, we transport online content into the offline world. The focus is on gaming, lifestyle, beauty and do-it-yourself, as well as cooking and nutrition. We publish social media stars such as Pamela Reif, Julia Beautx, Paluten, Arazhul, and ViktoriaSarina.

At Eichborn, we publish literary entertainment with broad appeal. Special fantasy and crime novels round out the program. Eichborn entertains in a clever way: Our readers value quality, combined with fun and fantasy. Our nonfiction books have a clear stance. Occasionally, we also like to go off the beaten track and surprise readers with unusual books.

Lübbe Audio

Lübbe Audio is one of the first German audio book publishers and has been a reliable market leader since its founding. Our hallmarks are top-quality productions, our own series content and innovative marketing. In our own recording studios, our books are read by top German-speaking actors and dubbing actors.


At Lübbe, we offer pure entertainment! The focus is on breathtaking suspense and great emotions. With our romance novels, thrillers, detective stories, sagas and historical novels, we cover the popular core genres, with books by Ken Follett, Dan Brown, Rebecca Gablé, Eva Almstädt, Petra Hülsmann, Sarah Lark, Andreas Eschbach and many more.

Lübbe Life
Lübbe Life publishes books with an extra dose of life: they convey ideas for a healthy and mindful lifestyle, with which we can regenerate and draw strength, based on popular senders with a wide range and strong themes, such as health and mindfulness. In addition, we publish books by prominent authors with inspiring biographies.

LYX publishes novels, nonfiction, and graphic novels for New Adults. We don't see New Adults as a genre, but as a target group that bridges the gap between young adult fiction and adult women's entertainment. At LYX, we give New Adults the visibility and appreciation they deserve - with books that are precisely tailored to them, both in terms of content and appearance.


ONE publishes books for Young Adult readers. We build a bridge for the large target group that has outgrown children's books but does not yet feel ready for New Adult or adult literature. In our ONE books, we depict the lifeworlds of 14-19 year-olds - with authors whom the target group also follows on social media.

Quadriga publishes voices that need to be heard. The publishing house for socio-political non-fiction, as a forum for discussion and diversity of opinion. For strong, even provocative theses, well-founded analyses on topics from society, the economy and the environment. Our Quadriga books offer orientation and arguments; they are read to understand our complex world.

One of the central topics of our society is sustainability. We at smarticular have dedicated ourselves to this topic. We publish titles from the areas of nutrition, gardening, family, health, household, creativity and shopping, and with our guidebooks we provide valuable assistance in the conscious use of resources and promote mindfulness towards the environment.