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Yvi Kazi

A Curse Unbroken (Magic and Moonlight Vol.1)

Magical, romantic, captivating: modern-day witches – an on-trend theme

Can she help him break the dark blood-curse?Gemma Stone is a modern-day witch who uses social media to teach people how to harness the power of nature in their everyday lives. One day she meets the attractive and mysterious Darren. He needs help to break the forbidden blood-curse he is under. The ...

Kai Haferkamp 

Being Quiet for Beginners

Important themes for young and old: listening and being considerate; being brave and growing as a person

Illustrated by Pina GertenbachIt’s early morning on the savannah. Hannibal the little elephant trumpets loudly and wakes up all the other  animals. But he’s too busy to notice them all glaring at him – Hannibal is off to take a bath! He takes a run up, jumps into the pool and gives everyone a ...

Sophie Schoenwald 

The Big Christmas Party at the Zoo

Book 5 of the popular series featuring picture book favourite Hugo Hedgehog

Illustrations by Günther JakobsChristmas is just around the corner, and the zoo animals want to do Secret Santa. Hugo Peppermint Hedgehog, zookeeper Mr Zealous and the others wonder: what is the perfect present? Hugo decides to give the giraffe his bow tie. The giraffe wants to look at herself in ...

Milla Shan 

Here’s to Friendship!

A heartwarming picture book featuring two friends whom readers are sure to take to their hearts!

Illustrations by Frank DaenenThe squirrel has never seen such a strange sight! “Are you a stone?” he asks the tortoise, as he dances around on her back. No answer! “Are you a giant nut – or perhaps a hemisphere?” he pesters her. The tortoise withdraws into her shell, disgruntled. But soon afterward...

Sophie Schoenwald 

Flora and Cloud. The Best Stories Begin With Being Brave  

An empathetic picture book about feelings, emotions and an extraordinary friendship

Illustrations by Carola SieverdingFlora is furious! And also a bit sad... but even she isn’t quite sure why. Understanding feelings is not easy – until Cloud appears. When Flora laughs, Cloud is a happy little cloud. When Flora is sad, Cloud rains, and when Flora is angry, Cloud becomes a ...

Petra Hülsmann

Tomorrow, I’ll Make Better Mistakes

A humorous novel full of situational comedy about prejudices and the power of being humane

In the middle of a storm-induced traffic jam, Elli, a single mother, and her five-year-old daughter, Paula, set off in a rusty VW Passat for the Allgäu region, where they will celebrate the eightieth birthday of Elli’s great-aunt. Forced to do so by her mother, Elli picks up her grouchy great-uncle...

Caroline Schmitt

A Loving Thing

A major story of self-discovery

Three months ago, I was sure I couldn’t get pregnant. Then I was sure the abortion had worked and I was alone in my body again. On both counts, I was wrong.Lio has just turned 30 and is pregnant. Her boyfriend Max is the only person who has always stood by her no matter what, despite her quirks. ...

Andreas Eschbach

The Smartest Man in the World

What’s the meaning of life - if it doesn’t lie in work?

Jens Leunich owns only as much as he can fit into two suitcases – in addition to a bank account with sufficient millions to spend his entire life in the world’s luxury hotels. Apart from that, he does . . . nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because doing nothing, he has realized, is the best way to save...

Ralf Butschkow

Whatever You Do, Do Not Shake This Book!

Watch out – or you might just find yourself shaking with laughter!

What a motley crew! So many different animals, and each of them is a different colour. The piglet is pink, the frog is green, the squirrel is red... Yes, that all seems about right. But what if we shake them up a bit? Of course we shouldn’t – but shall we try it anyway? Uh oh! Now the animals are ...

Michael Engler 

The Two Of Us Encourage Each Other

Learning to be brave with Rabbit and Hedgehog

Illustrated By Joëlle Tourlonias When the pine cone goes flying into the trees while they’re playing, Rabbit immediately races off after it. But suddenly he feels uneasy. Is there something lurking in the bushes? His friends can’t see anything untoward, but Rabbit can’t sleep that night. The ...

Sonja Kaiblinger 

The Phantom Footballers - Team Spirit Forever

The new football series from bestselling author Sonja Kaiblinger

Vol.1 Illustrated By Anton Riedel The Phantom Footballers used to be famous. There are all kinds of legends about their stadium, which is supposedly full of strange goings-on. When Jan joins the team he sees no sign that the team are getting any help from the spirit world – the Phantom F...

Emily Skye

The Secret Dragon School

Vol.1 Illustrated By Pascal Nöldner The dragon was in a bad mood, as he had to admit that the boy radiated everything that distinguishes a good rider: tenacity, a bravery bordering on daredevilry, and a determination with the potential to turn into stubbornness. The dragon let out a sigh....

Amelie Benn 

Like Glitter And Unicorn Dust

On-trend themes: unicorns, friendship and magic

My Best Friend with the Big Secret Illustrated By Simona Ceccarelli Nine-year-old Merle is very excited when Luhna moves in next door – she’s always wanted a best friend. Little does Merle know that not only is Luhna super-cool, feisty and obsessed with candyfloss – she’s also a unicorn! ...

Sophie Schoenwald 

Sweet Dreams, Hugo Hedgehog!

With Hugo Hedgehog, falling asleep is easy peasy!

With Lots of Handy Bedtime Tips Illustrated By Günther Jakobs The moon has long since risen, but Hugo Hedgehog is still wide awake. Even the sheep he tries to count are sleepier than he is. So it’s a good thing his animal friends from the zoo have plenty of handy tips to help Hugo (and ...


Blankenese - Two Families 

When a moment connects two families forever

Light and Shadow (Vol.1) This multi-generational saga recounts the story of a sailor's family and a ship owner's family. It spans World War 1, the 1920s, the 1930s, the Nazi era, the 1950s, post-war reconstruction, and the 1960s, and extends through the years of the liberation movements. In ...

Fynn Haskin 

The Moon Man. Blood On The Ice

Hunting a serial killer in Greenland’s icy desert

Danish police profiler Jens Lerby hates the cold, but in spite of that he’s dispatched to Greenland to help solve a mysterious and gruesome murder. In an Inuit community, a man has been stabbed by something like walrus teeth. Rumor quickly spreads among the Inuit that the murder was committed by an...

Marie Lamballe 

Rosen’s Fashion Studio

A great new nostalgic novel by the SPIEGEL bestselling author

Dreaming of New Times (Vol.2) The year is 1832. It’s springtime in Kassel, and the Rosen studio is bustling with activity. After returning to the shop in Marktgasse, Elise has her hands full. A new apprentice is meant to relieve the pressure on her and the other milliners. Charlotte, Elise’s ...

Helena Marchmont 

Bunburry - Foul Play

In the picturesque Cotswolds village of Bunburry, Alfie McAlister’s personal life is in turmoil. He’s finally admitted to himself that he’s fallen for Constable Emma Hollis. But while one moment, Emma was kissing him, now she’s ignoring him. And to make matters worse, with grumpy Sergeant Wilson ...

Christina Rey 

A Little Piece Of Africa

A strong woman, a fascinating country, and a love that seems impossible

The Departure (Vol.1) On a safari to Kenya in 1910, young Ivory falls in love with the land and its wildlife – and with a big-game hunter named Adrian Edgecumbe. While Ivory hopes he will give up his gory business for her, Adrian remains an adventurer through and through. Soon after the weddin...

Rita Berman 

My Journey Across Asia

Rita Berman's colouring books have become an enduring trend

Rita Berman’s colouring book whisks us away on a journey through the visual richness of Asia: we set off on the Trans-Siberian Railway, stopping to see the cherry blossom trees of Japan, then travel on past beautiful beaches, carpets of tropical flowers and the Great Wall of China to magical India...

Mona Kasten 

Fragile Heart

Rosie and Adam’s story continues: the next instalment in the SPIEGEL Bestseller LONELY HEART series!

Only a breath away... It’s been three months since Adam broke off all contact with Rosie. The words of his goodbye letter are still running through her head, and she’s still as heartbroken as she was the day it happened. She misses their deep conversations, and how close she felt to him even ...

Lena Kiefer

Westwell - Bright & Dark (Vol.2)

A forbidden love in the world of New York high society

“I had to forget Helena, I knew that. But I also knew it was completely impossible.”Helena misses Jess with every fibre of her being. Two months ago she had to make the hardest decision of her life and split up with him, and even the thought of him still breaks her heart. The only thing that keeps ...

Anne Pätzold 

A Night Of Promises And Blood

When vampires go to college: romantic, mysterious and sexy

When Winnie moves to New York with her sister Sasha, she has only one goal: to track down their father and find out why he suddenly disappeared from their lives fourteen years ago. But finding the courage to confront her own past is easier said than done, especially since Winnie is having to keep ...

Ava Reed 

Whitestone Hospital – Drowning Souls (Vol.2)

New Adult meets Grey's Anatomy

Sierra Harris had to work incredibly hard to complete her medical degree. Which makes her all the more determined, when she starts work as a junior doctor at Whitestone Hospital, to prove that she’s capable of more than her exam results would suggest. She's completely focused on the job and doesn’t...

Kai Spellmeier 

Love, You – A Book For You

A must-have guide for the LGBTQIA+ community

Who am I? Who am I attracted to? What does coming out mean? How will other people react? And do I really need to know all this? These are questions many people ask themselves at some point in their lives. This book aims to help readers accept themselves the way they are. It features food for though...

Sarah Sprinz 

Dunbridge Academy 
– Anytime (Vol.3)

Lies, intrigue, friendships and love – welcome to Dunbridge Academy

In just one night, Olive Henderson’s life is turned upside down. She is injured in a devastating fire at the school, and has to repeat the year. Also new in her year and determined to hate everything about DUNBRIDGE ACADEMY is Colin Fantino. A New Yorker who was thrown out of his old school for ...

Katharina Nocun, Pia Lamberty 

Dangerous Belief

Esoterics – how dangerous are they really?

The Radical World of Esoteric Thought In these times of upheaval and change, many people are seeking support and direction in esoteric world views. They are turning to horoscopes to tell them what their future holds. Spiritual healers are becoming their leaders. The esoteric market is booming...

Lucy Astner

And the Bear Shouts Hooray! Colours Are For Everyone!

A colourful picture book about friendship, secret wishes and colours that are for everyone!

Illustrations by by Pina GertenbachToday is Bear’s birthday – the perfect reason to get dressed up! And what could be better than a lovely pink dress? Nothing, thinks the big strong bear – and in no time at all he’s bright pink from his nose to his tail. He looks wonderful! But when the proud ...

Diana Amft 

A Little Spider Named Yucky - Adventures in the Mountains (Vol.10)

Featuring lots of exciting information about the mountains and the animals that live there – learning about nature is fun!

Illustrations by Martina MatosYucky the little spider packs her rucksack. She and her best friend Sneezy are off to the mountains. And they learn all kinds of things there! For example, they discover marmots that communicate with each other by whistling, and they meet a zebra spider that knows all ...

Sophie Schoenwald 

A Kiss on the Snout, Please!

Shake, tickle and tap – lots of interactive fun for very little ones!

Illustrations by Nadine ReitzThe forest is peaceful and deserted. Oh my goodness – where have all the animals gone? Be as quiet as a mouse and you’ll be able to spot them – even the baby wild boar! He’s hiding in the undergrowth and can’t find his way home. Can you help him get back to his family? ...

Thea Dormeyer 

The Rumble Jungle Fart Parade

A very funny book about bodily noises – rhyming and rhythmical

Illustrations by Nikolai RengerIt’s a hard life for Achoo the little toucan – his nose feels tickly all the time, and he’s constantly sneezing whether he likes it or not. Achoo! He keeps accidentally spitting out tasty titbits and annoying the other toucans – until finally they send him away. But ...

Nora Dahlke 

The Christmas Elves’ Workshop

A sweet interactive story to help while away the time till Christmas Day!

Illustrations by Nadine ReitzThe little elf is very anxious. It’s Christmas, and there’s still so much to do! He could really use some help. He has to stir the cookie dough and lay out the cookies on a baking tray, stroke Rudi the reindeer, and get hold of a Christmas tree. And what is he going to ...

lucy Astner

The Christmas Twelf

Who needs an elf when you can have a twelf!

Illustrations by Caroline Opheys Alfie, Pippa and Bobby’s parents are off digging up dinosaur bones somewhere in the world, and have left their children in the care of Aunt Gunilla. Gunilla hates children, and she also hates Christmas – she’s decided to cancel it this year. But she’s no match ...

Annika Preil

Anni’s Wild Animal Adventure – Off to the Jungle!

Illustrations by Phine WolffThe summer holidays are about to start, and ten-year-old Anni ought to be happy: her parents are taking her away with them on a big trip for the first time! They’re off to the Brazilian jungle, where her parents are going to shoot a wildlife documentary. But Anni is ...

Katharina E. Volk 

Wilma Walnut – Winter and Christmas at the Little Tree Hotel

Illustrations by Nora Paehl Huge snowflakes are dancing around Wilma Walnut’s Tree Hotel, which is always particularly cosy in winter – it’s Wilma’s favourite time of year! All the guests are greeted with freshly made ginger tea and a crackling log fire. Together they put up Christmas ...

Gesa Schwartz 

Ivy and the Magic of the Poison Garden

Illustrations by Alexandra HelmThirteen-year-old Ivy is far from happy when she learns she is to move to the English country estate of her eccentric grandfather. Richard Carlton doesn’t talk much, and all he thinks about is his enchanted garden. He even forbids Ivy from entering part of it: the ...

Anne Freytag

Seen From the Moon, None of This Matters

If Sally’s life was a film, she definitely wouldn‘t be the main character. She’d be the sidekick – the daughter who never causes trouble, the sister who avoids conflict, the friend who keeps her opinions to herself. Sally doesn’t like this role, but she plays it all the same. Until Leni, who is a ...

Lucy K. Walker 

The Ink Hunters: Solve the Mystery of the Magical Library

Illustrations by Zapf The school holidays have just begun, and when Ivy receives a letter in code she has no idea she’s about to have the adventure of her life! The puzzle leads her to Frederick Skull, a snobby eleven-year-old and ‘ink hunter’: using magic pens, he tracks down characters who ...


In Case We Trust 
(Gold, Bright & Partners Vol. 1)

New Adult meets Suits

After completing her law degree, Gracie finally wants to show her family that she can stand on her own two feet. The coveted job at Gold, Bright & Partners, one of the most successful law firms in Boston, is her chance. But the competition for the position among the young lawyers is harder than...

Anna claire

Women of Fortune 
- The Taste of Freedom (Vol. 1)

The saga of 3 exiled women during the Second World War

Three best friends – Luise, a political anti-Nazi activist, Maria, a Jewish woman whose destiny is uncertain and Anni who loves a man who is a member of the Gestapo – each of them living in Nazi Germany, each of them in great danger. An unforgivable mistake destroys their friendship. Now almost 85 ...

Beate rygiert

The Secret of the Mona Lisa

Why does the Mona Lisa smile?

Bestselling author Beate Rygiert tells an opulent and exciting story about the origin of the world‘s most famous painting.Florence, 1494: Lisa Gherardina and Giuliano from the powerful Medici dynasty are secretly a couple. When the Medici family are driven out of town, young Lisa’s father forces ...

Nora Wunderwald / lea sophie grünzinger

On & Off

For Mindfully Using Social Media

Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp – with all the many messages, posts and videos we soon feel overwhelmed. And social media platforms, intended to be fun and create connections, soon have the opposite effect: we fear missing out if we are not “on”, compare ourselves to others and neglect the offline w...

Ava reed

Whitestone Hospital - High Hopes (Vol.1)

New Adult meets Grey's Anatomy

Laura Collins is young, pretty, intelligent – and deeply unhappy. Her boyfriend has broken up with her and her phone has fallen down the toilet. But then she gets The Letter. She’s done it. She’s going to be working as a junior doctor in one of the most renowned hospitals in the country. At ...

Lena kiefer

Westwell - Heavy & Light (Vol.1)


Two years after the death of her sister, Helena Weston returns to New York with a head full of painful memories and a plan. Here, where she used to live, everything reminds her of sister Valerie, who died of an overdose along with her boyfriend Adam.  Helena had never wanted to come back to ...

sarah sprinz

Dunbridge Academy 
- Anywhere (Vol.1)

Lies, intrigue, friendships and love – welcome to DUNBRIDGE ACADEMY  

When she’s accepted for a year abroad at DUNBRIDGE ACADEMY in Scotland, Emma’s greatest wish is to find her father. Once she arrives at the Edinburgh boarding school, she begins her search for him. Getting distracted by new friendships is the last thing she needs – but head boy Henry dooms her plan...

Mona Kasten

Fallen Princess

The magical opener to the EVERFALL ACADEMY series by  #1 SPIEGEL bestselling author Mona Kasten 

As bewitching as deadly...When seventeen-year-old Zoey King predicts the death of another pupil, her life is turned completely upside down. For instead of inheriting the gift of healing from her renowned mother as hoped, she is a banshee who possesses death magic. Shocked by this realisation, she ...

Lena Kiefer

- Strong & Weak (Vol. 1)

The new epic trilogy by Lena Kiefer 

Elijah Coldwell has his life under control: university, work, sport, everything is strictly organised. It’s how he manages the anxiety that has haunted him since he was abducted as a child. Falling in love is just not an option for him; the risk of being as vulnerable as back then is too great. But...

Jasmin Schreiber

The Endling

A book like a best friend

Auguste is a snail researcher who has completely withdrawn from life. Her apartment has begun to look more and more like a cabinet of curiosities. Her sole companion is a snail, but no ordinary one: it’s an endling, that is, the last individual of its species. When Auguste's pen pal, her last ...

anna savas

Hold Me - New England School of Ballet (Vol.1)

On their way to the top they can’t allow anything to distract them, but their hearts have other ideas … 

Zoe’s greatest dream comes true when she’s unexpectedly offered a place at the New England School of Ballet. But life at the famous ballet school is different from how she’d imagined, and when she’s assigned a dance partner, Jase, on her very first day, she finds it somewhat overwhelming. Because ...


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