mona kasten

Save Me (Maxton Hall Vol.1)

They come from different worlds. And yet, they are meant for each other.

Money, glamour, luxury, power – Ruby Bell couldn’t be less interested in these things, if she tried. After being awarded a scholarship for one of England’s most prestigious and expensive private schools – Maxton Hall College – her main objective is to be invisible and attract as little attention as possible from the other students. She keeps her distance from them, especially from James Beaufort, the school’s secret ringleader. He is too arrogant, too rich, and too handsome. While it is Ruby’s biggest dream to study in Oxford, he seems to live from one party to the next. But then Ruby finds out by happenstance that James’ sister, Lydia, has an affair with the history teacher. Which is something nobody else knows about, something that would destroy the reputation of James’ family, if it ever got out.  All of a sudden, James knows exactly who she is. And even though she never wanted to be a part of his world, it doesn’t take long and James – and her heart – don’t leave her any other choice.


#1 SPIEGEL Bestseller author Mona Kasten is Germany's ultimate star in the New Adult genre

Each novel of the Maxton Hall trilogy was a SPIEGEL Bestseller - SAVE ME (Vol. 1), SAVE YOU (Vol. 2) & SAVE US (Vol. 3) spent 150 weeks among the Top 20 of the bestseller list (paperback)

Winner of the LovelyBooks Reader’s Choice Award in gold 2018

Rights sold to: Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Ukraine

MAXTON HALL, the TV series adaptation of SAVE ME, will launch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on 9th May, 2024

New Adult