Kathinka Engel

The End of Yesterday Is the Beginning of Tomorrow

An old Victorian tenement building in London becomes the setting for a great love story that begins in the turbulent 70s and finds its happy ending in the present day

London, 1974: Pippa St George, a seventeen-year-old girl of London´s upper class, goes to a gig with a friend in a dark, dirty corner of the city. There she meets Oz, the lead singer of a punk band that stands for everything her parents despise. Against all the odds, in defiance of convention and logic, they fall in love. But harsh reality soon catches up with them.

London, the present day: online content editor Gilly is overjoyed when she finds an affordable place to live in a Victorian tenement building in Camden. But she’s shocked to learn that the building is soon to be sold and renovated for luxury apartments. Gilly joins forces with her neighbours, including film documentary maker Owen, to create a memorial video to the building. While she and Owen are researching the project, they grow closer – and stumble across a story that moves them more than all the rest...


Is it ever too late for second chances?

A captivating love story for fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid, Libby Page and Clare Pooley

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Women's Fiction

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  • The End of Yesterday Is the Beginning of Tomorrow