david janz

The First Journey of the Orient Express

All aboard for the 1st journey of the legendary Orient Express

Paris in 1883. For Georges Nagelmackers, everything is at stake when his latest venture, the Orient Express, departs on its maiden journey across the hostile states of Europe. The luxuriously appointed train is meant to be a symbol of peace. The passengers include 24 diplomats whose mission is to resolve their political differences during the course of the journey. Success is the only thing that can save the indebted Georges from ruin. On top of that, it would allow him to win back the heart of Hubertine Berthier, a young women's rights activist who left him because he was constantly dwelling on crazy ideas and then failing on a grand scale. This time, however, everything will be different. But then Georges learns that there’s an assassin on board ...

The historical background. In 1867 a lovesick Georges Nagelmackers traveled to the USA where he was introduced to trains that featured sleeping and dining cars. After returning to Europe, he began to popularize this type of travel in France. In 1883, Nagelmackers put all his eggs in one basket and invested a fortune in the Orient Express. The success or failure of the venture - and the fate of its founder - depended on the train’s maiden voyage in October of that year.


The mythical Orient Express, brought back to life in all its glamor

An exciting and adventurous journey from Paris to Istanbul

A fast-paced mix of historical fact and fiction

Approx. 320