Petra Hülsmann

Tomorrow, I’ll Make Better Mistakes

A humorous novel full of situational comedy about prejudices and the power of being humane

In the middle of a storm-induced traffic jam, Elli, a single mother, and her five-year-old daughter, Paula, set off in a rusty VW Passat for the Allgäu region, where they will celebrate the eightieth birthday of Elli’s great-aunt. Forced to do so by her mother, Elli picks up her grouchy great-uncle Heinz from the senior citizens’ home in order to take him along. At a gas station, the three run across Cano Yilmaz, a successful corporate lawyer who offers Elli 500 euros if she takes him to Munich as quickly as possible. Always short of cash, she accepts the offer and the odd foursome sets off in a southerly direction.

The drive turns out to be the perfect horror trip. Not only are they all constantly squabbling, just about everything that could go wrong, does—including a car breakdown, a forced overnight stay in the middle of nowhere, and a serious confrontation with village Nazis. In the end, however, they realize that they have to pull themselves together and throw some prejudices overboard if they want to arrive (safely) at their destination. Elli and Cano, as different from one another as day and night, grow closer than they might have preferred. When they finally reach Munich and can once again go their separate ways, they are more than relieved . . . or maybe not?


Typical Petra Hülsmann: heartfelt humour and plenty of courage to face life

#2 SPIEGEL Bestseller

Rights sold to: Czech Republic

Women's Fiction